Ipshita Nath

Ipshita Nath’s research interests come under the rubric of Cultural Studies, though she has an abiding fondness for the textual mythologies of Shakespeare, Milton, Byron and nineteenth century British and American novelists. She occasionally indulges herself in écriture poesy, enjoys the music of Kumar and Burman, is as fascinated by the persona of Marilyn Monroe as by the works of Botticelli and Michelangelo, has an enduring passion for bi-chromatic American, Bengali and Hindi cinema and would like to get hold of a time-traveller to hop in to the ‘20s and the ‘70s.

She edited the January 2014 issue of Literophile; the theme for the same was Representations of the youth in Bollywood films. She can be contacted at ipshita_nath@yahoo.com.

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