Issue 2, Volume 6: From liminal spaces: androgyny/androgynous positions in literature and contemporary cultures




Androgyny on the Takarazuka Stage – The Otokoyaku
Frank Jacob outlines the history of the Takarazuka Revue to establish the differences in playing male and female roles in Takarazuka theatre, speculating thus on the success of androgyny in the case of the revue, and on the popularity of the ‘female men’ in Japan.

Liminality vs. Hegemony: The Problem with Let Me In
Chelsea Dagget talks about the difference in the treatment of the central protagonists in the movies Let the Right One In and Let Me In, and how small changes in the latter, the American remake of the Swedish original, alter the transgressive potential of the story.

Negotiating an Androgynous Personhood: Life and Works of Rituparno Ghosh
Arpita Roy problematises director, producer and actor Rituporno Ghosh’s film, Chitrangada, bringing out the autobiographical elements in the same, while simultaneously referring to Ghosh’s struggle in reconciling his creative instincts with the extremely narrow mindsets of his audience.

Assamese Love poetry of Anupama Basumatary and Nilim Kumar: The struggle for a modern androgynous “in-between”
Rini Barman looks at the Assamese poetry of Nilim Kumar and Anupama Basumatary, and explores the androgynous strains in specific poems of both. She also discourses on western theorists and philosophers who have commented on the theme of androgyny, and thus provides a deeper understanding of the poems, through a completely different and unconventional perspective.



Ayesha Kamal

Associate Editors:
Ipshita Nath
Zainab Jalwa

Nirbhay Bhogal

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