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Issue 1, Vol 6. Depiction of ‘Gay’ in Literature and Cinema




Directions to Home
Charmaine Carreon comments upon the destabilisation of the two gender parent myth through the dual, encompassing and difficult role of Coring, a gay beautician, in Lino Brocka’s iconic 1978 film Ang Tatay Kong Nanay.

Queering Hindi Cinema: A Commentary on Gay (Mis)Representation in Hindi Cinema
Ankush Bhuyãn gives a detailed discussion on (mis)representations of gay sexualities and identities in mainstream, Bombay Cinema, arguing that these may be studied as gay being hijra, being object of humour or being mental sickness. He also refers to rare instances of cinematic representations showing the complexities of the lives gay people.

Claiming Hindi Cinema: A Queer Reading
Ankush Bhuyãn offers re-interpretations of much of mainstream Bombay cinema, queering such tropes as yaarana in order to re-read film narratives and force gender discourses therein to accommodate gay identities.

Gay is Good: Positive Depictions of Gay Relationships in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction
Arpita Roy’s analysis of J.H. Trumble’s Don’t Let Me Go and Kelley York’s Hushed looks at the ways in which they subvert hegemonic societal norms relating to heterosexuality and present the possibility of an alternative utopia in homosexuality for those who have a deviant sexual orientation.

Arming Queers/Queering the Army
Rovel Sequeira studies the relations between sexuality, masculinity and the construction of nationhood in the Pakistani army state as depicted in Mohammad Hanif’s A Case of Exploding Mangoes.

Queer-ised Selves: Buggering Transgressions Lost in Perverted ‘Queer’ Narratologies and Sophisticated Self- Awarenesses
Ipshita Nath presents in-depth analysis of the identity politics that have allowed an emancipated deployment of the word ‘queer’ to deviant sexualities and proposes a rejection of the term ‘queer’ in contemporary realities of sexuality, both in view of the intellectual and social annexation of the term ‘queer’ as unnatural and of the emergence of post-queer theory.


Cover page image: Mountfield, David. “Goblet bearing the name of Epilikos, adorned with homosexual motifs (Louvre).” Greek and Roman Erotica. Fribourg: Miller Graphics, 1982. 90. Print.