Literophile has a rotational editorship, but for operational purposes Ipshita Nath is its Managing Editor. The larger team is comprised of amateurs at varying stages in their academic career.


Not all of us have worked as editors or sketch artists on the latest issue in circulation. Some of us manage our Facebook group; some do running around, sending invites to colleges and department heads and putting up posters; some tend to the website; and some look after designing. As of now, the journal runs on the able shoulders of:

  • Anuj Gupta
  • Arpita Roy
  • Anubha Barthwal
  • Bipasha Nath
  • Sneha Bhagat
  • Tina Das

The editorship comes around rotationally to all team members, and there are no rigidly fixed roles and/or responsibilities. To join us, please refer to this page.


In the past, 2011 onwards, we’ve functioned with the inputs and dedication of:

  • Abhishek Pundir
  • Alisha Ibkar
  • Ananya Borgohain
  • Anubhav Pradhan
  • Ayesha Kamal
  • Garima Kaushik
  • Hardeep Kaur
  • Ishaan Mital
  • Medha Sharma
  • Prashastè Sinha
  • Rini Barman
  • Rit Joshi
  • Shivangi Pareek
  • Shreya Prabhu Jindal
  • Shambhavi Pandey
  • Swati Chandra
  • Shweta Shekhar
  • Zainab Jalwa
  • Zitni Wattal
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