About Us

Literophile is a quarterly, theme based journal for amateur academic research. Literophile is open to all students regardless of institutional affiliation. Through Literophile we hope to generate discourse on a range of issues, theories, practices and ideas, and so orient amateurs to the same.

Literophile was born in August 2005 as the brainchild of Amrita Singh and Sumi Saikia, two English Literature undergraduates of the University of Delhi. In keeping with time-honoured campus traditions of collective, inter-generational activity and responsibility, its ownership passed through various hands, from one set of able editors to their juniors till, with publishing costs proving prohibitive, it ceased publication in 2007. Moosa Khan, editor of the last issue published in 2007, recounts the Literophile experience and phenomenon thus:

This was the first time in Delhi University that a journal specific to the interests of English Literature enthusiasts came into being. And to add to that, it was one of the few independent initiatives to be run by DU students. It was the first time that innovative literary discourse and debate was given a forum outside the classroom. Literophile gave literature students a medium to express their opinions, or to explore them through well-researched articles. With a new literary theme in each issue, a new line of thought was encouraged to which students always responded positively.

The present edition of Literophile is a continuation of this venture. From being primarily a forum for Delhi University’s English Literature undergraduates and postgraduates, its mandate has expanded to cover students from all disciplines regardless of institutional affiliation. The edition of March 2011, the first issue of Literophile’s new avataar, re-inaugurated the journal as a bimonthly, subscription based venture. Its concerns too were widened: from simply English Literature, and the journal embraced Literatures in English, Comparative Literature, Literary Theory and Cultural Studies as its proper areas of scholarship.

Our foundational principle and commitment, however, remains the same: to encourage literary research amongst amateurs, and to provide an unbiased, keenly analytical space for debate and criticism. Similarly, though we became quarterly from being bimonthly, the organisational structure remains more or less as it was when the journal first came into being: a team of students acts as editors and manages the journal, and as one batch graduates responsibility is passed on to capable juniors. In being thus organised, we hope to keep management as democratic and enabling as possible.

Last, but not the least, our finances, given the experience of the initial years after the journal was revived, are now privately managed by a cabal of dedicated individuals who were involved in reviving the journal in 2011. We hope to become independent of even these shadow partners in the next year or so, and become self-sustaining in all possible terms. Therefore, in keeping with our aim of maintaining ideological freedom, we do not solicit or accept donations from institutions or organisations of any sort. Individuals, however, who wish to support us in any other way may mail to literophile@gmail.com or call/text 9999105003.