Issue 2, Volume 7: Narratives of Journey, Belonging and New Identities: Understanding Indian Diaspora(s)




Diaspora: agents in creating new cultural and political dynamics
Rituparna Patgiri looks at the processes through which transnational migration of Indians has helped in creating dynamic cultural and political formations in both host nations as well as in the countries of origin, India, highlighting, thus, through some examples, how the Indian Diaspora formulates its own polity and culture.

A new form of the “Oriental” stereotype? An analysis of South Asian Indian characters in popular culture through Edward Said’s Orientalism
Maanvi analyses stereotypes that abound in popular American television and films that construct a particular image of South Asian Indians, arguing that these stereotypical assumptions can be seen as an extension of the Oriental stereotype, as discussed by Edward Said in his book Orientalism.

Playing in the (En)Gendered Spaces in Gurinder Chadha’s Bend it like Beckham
Suryansu Guha comments upon the dynamics of sanctioned social exchanges of the diasporic Indo-Anglian community in play with inter-relationships of individuals within as well as without the same in the movie Bend it like Beckham.

From ‘Bollywood and Hollywood’ to ‘Bollywood/Hollywood’: Acquiring a New Identity
Bijuri Dey comments upon acculturation of diasporic Indians as reflected in the changing attitudes to tradition and to so-called Westernisation in NRI Deepa Mehta’s movie Bollywood/Hollywood.

Crumpling Postcards: Mapping the trajectory of the development of the poetic form as a palimpsest of history in Agha Shahid Ali’s works
Amrapali Saha discusses Aga Shahid Ali’s poetry in light of violence and exile, and the erasure of history, and exile, claiming that inter-textual references and allusions in his poetry are reflective of an attempt to trace the past and unpack its layers in the hope to provide a rubric to understand the present.



Alisha Ibkar

Associate Editors:
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Anuj Gupta

Tina Das


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