Issue 3, Vol 4. Courtesans



Veronica Franco: The Good Person of Venice
Neha Singh in her paper on the famed Venetian courtesan Veronica Franco critiques the treatment of courtesans as sexual subjects. Veronica mothered six children of whom one was born of a failed marriage which made her turn to her famous profession. The remainders were ‘gifts’ of the profession. ‘Illegitimate’ progeny.

Female Heroism: Courtesans as Iconic Conquerors in Hindi Cinema
Jigyasa Hasija examines the courtesan persona of movies in keeping with modules of performance of the performative and juxtaposes it with changing conceptions of womanhood in India .

Thumri: A tawaif’s quest for artistic autonomy within a limited space
Shramana Das Purkayastha comments on the nitty gritties of forms of performance and their hierarchies in determining the role of a courtesan as well as the various politics of privileging of forms in music and their contribution to the process of canon formation.

Un aakhon ki masti ke: Some speculations on Courtesans and the Indian Bourgeoisie
Anubhav Pradhan discourses on the idea of social mobility imbued in taking on of the ‘cultural’, positing the notion that an inadvertent glorification of the past through such recovery might just lapse into an affirmation of the present through a sense of teleos and progression.



Ishaan Mital

Associate Editor:
Shreya Prabhu Jindal

Medha Sharma
Shivangi Pareek

Zitni Wattal

Anubhav Pradhan

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