Current Issue: Issue 4, Volume 7

Art and Conflict: War, peace, and artistic expression

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“A mile from where you chatter, somebody screams”: Derek Mahon and the Play of Perspective
Anuj Gupta comments on the manner in which perspective engenders a heteroglossia of voices Derek Mahon’s poetry. He argues that Mahon creates an ever shifting kaleidoscope of perspectives through various techniques in his poetry in order to grant access to a similar worldview of ever shifting perspectives to his readers and that this shift in perspective addresses conflict transformation as well.

When The Capital Bled: Reconstructing the Anti-Sikh Pogrom in Delhi after the assassination of Indira Gandhi
Tarishi Verma discusses Indira Gandhi’s assassination and the subsequent Anti-Sikh pogrom using memory of lived experience as a tool allowing us to create a parallel history that resists obliteration despite official accounts. According to her, literature coupled with oral history and people’s memories brings out the silences that exist in the official history.

Multiple Meanings of Conflict: The Public, the Private, and Art in Alison MacLeod’s Unexploded
Chinmaya Lal analyses Alison MacLeod’s 2013 novel Unexploded as an important work presenting a situation which is vital towards understanding the nature of conflicts which mark human societies, as well as appreciating the role that literature, or in general art, plays in relation to conflicts.

Racial Identity and Assimilation: Dutchman and the Conflict of Stratified Identities
Nishtha Pandey contextualises Amiri Baraka’s play 1964 Dutchman in light of the multifaceted consequences of the passage of the Civil Rights Bill, and the author’s own conflicting arguments about cultural assimilation vis-à-vis his well-defined political and aesthetic beliefs.



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